Hi, I'm Thomas, a former magazine writer, current strategist, and all-around cocktail enthusiast. 

My path to advertising begins on the New York City subway. On my commutes, I'd kill time by ranking the ads. Eventually, I grew tired of working unpaid as an amateur ad critic and enrolled in the VCU Brandcenter. It's the best decision I ever made.

I was previously a writer for publications like Maxim, V Magazine, and L'Officiel USA, where I covered entertainment, men's fashion, and where the Kardashians vacation. I learned that, contrary to popular belief, the stars are not just like us.

Now, I'm passionate about the lives of real people. I get to step into their shoes and view things from their perspectives. It keeps me grounded, curious, and inspired. If I can override my own biases, or help you overcome yours, then I've done my job.

When I'm not furiously scribbling on a whiteboard, I'm LARPing as a bohemian. I enjoy art-house movies, counter-cultural ideas, and anything served in a highball glass. My hard-working Kentuckian parents often wonder what went wrong.



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